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Sometimes it’s the unexpected way things happen that makes way for amazing changes that become blessings!  I’m SO excited to share that Yumyum is on the move! And,  soon you will be able to find all our  books in Ebook format as well as through your favorite online/offline book retailers around the world!

To celebrate, Yumyum wanted to share that for a limited time, I’ll send you an autographed copy of  your favorite book to celebrate this wonderful expansion!

To purchase your very own signed edition of Yumyum’s books, simply select from the titles available below, and we will get your book(s) to you as soon as possible.  We have a limited number of titles so grab yours quickly before they disappear!

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Welcome to Twinkling Lynx

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that you are here!  Visiting my site!  

A bit about Me

I am a children’s author and my passion is writing stories for children and also reading those stories to children.  

I visit schools and organizations including hospitals who work with children.  I love speaking with children and helping them to express more easily those times when they feel anxious, nervous, scared or sad.

My books do the same thing, and I am so happy when someone buys one of my books for their children, or grandparents buy them for their grandchildren.

My mission is to have my books in the hands and homes of children and schools around the world! And I invite you to join me by supporting my GoFundMe Initiative! 

why this site exists

My first book, Bellyflies, was born out of tragedy, but from that book has emerged so many amazing stories from parents who tell me their children are learning new ways to cope with those moment of anxiety, fear, uncertainty.  Children are saying, “Mommy, I have Bellyflies!”  I’m told this book has even been used by a Therapist helping children walk through the separation of parents who are away from home for long periods due to work or duty.  

That’s why this site exists!  I believe it is my life’s work to write stories for children that help them step through the tough times in life and do so with skills that help them cope a little easier.  

“I'm living my dream...sharing my stories with children and helping them shine!”

The loss of a child is never something a parent ever expects to face, but when a friend’s son was taken far too soon, the grief that I witnessed the family struggled with was heartbreaking.  I wanted to reach out and make a difference and that’s when my first book, Bellyflies, was born.  I wanted children to have a way to talk about those uncomfortable and scary feelings that can sometimes overtake them.  But now, they have a way to express those feelings and parents are finding Bellyflies is becoming a favorite read for their children.

Learn to express anxiety

When the Bellyflies in your tummy make you feel different, Yumyum can help!

Help through fears

If someone isn't nice, Yumyum is always just a story away to help you out.

Uncover the laughter

Yumyum loves to make you laugh and he'll do his best to put a smile on your face!

Explore the world

When you want to explore the world around you, one of the best places to begin is right where you are!

Expand Imagination

Nothing helps you imagine more than going on an adventure with Yumyum! Stretch your imagination!

Jump and Play!

We always have so much fun while spending time with Yumyum!

We're on the GROW!

And, to celebrate, Yumyum thought it would be fun to offer you Autographed copies of all our books!  Wasn’t that a great idea?

Simply select your favorite title below and Yumyum and Cathy will be sure to get your specially signed book(s) to you right away!

You can leave us a note at Checkout if you’d like us to say anything special to your favorite munchkin — maybe they are celebrating a Birthday or you just want to let them know how much they are loved!  We know Yumyum is ALWAYS ready to share the love with his friends!  Our supply is limited however, so order early to ensure your favorite title(s) will be in stock!

Then, join our mailing list at the check out so you’ll be one of the first to know when our Ebooks and Print books are available for order!

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Donate below

We have big Dreams & You can help them come true!

At Twinkling Lynx we’re always looking for ways for children to get their very own copies of our books! We are so excited every time someone donates to our GoFundMe page!

If you would like to help us reach our goal we would be so grateful!

Support my Efforts

The act of teen suicide has touched my friend’s world and has therefore touched me and so many others.  Helplessness and devastation brought forth my first book “Bellyflies” in the hopes that the tricks included in the story could help children  overcome anxiety.

My wish is that these techniques are so instilled in our children that as they go through the hard stages of life these skills will be as natural as breathing.

My next book, “Gonna Build A Boat” encourages self-love, compassion and acceptance of self and others, working together with pride and love.  This book is now available in both English and Spanish.

After being in Costa Rica, having friends in South Africa, New Zealand, Guatemala throughout the US and Canada and donating books to all these places, I have come to realize the effect my books have on children and on the adults in their lives.

A group of us will be going to Guatemala in October 2019 and I will be bringing as many books as possible for schools and families there.

I will continue to donate my books and send them to other kiddos in need.  Your donation is so appreciated and it fills my heart to see the smiles of which you are a huge part.

Any amount that is donated will go a long way in helping put my books into the hands and homes of children around the world.  

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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