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I was born in the Hamilton, Ontario region and began writing when I discovered just how therapeutic it was to let words flow onto the paper or the computer screen in front of me.

I soon realized the growing instances of anxiety children face in today’s fast paced world was having a very real affect on them and in some cases, it has lead to bouts of depression and anxiety, and other feelings of inadequacy. 


Bellyflies was the first book in the YumYum series to address issues such as bullying, feeling different and what it feels like when young children are dealing with anxiety and depression.


Bellyflies was born from the grief and helplessness I felt as I spent a sleepless night writing down my thoughts after learning a dear friend had lost her teenage son to suicide.  It made me realize just how fleeting life really is.  That one day we can be laughing and sharing stories about our families and the next, a loved one can be gone all too soon!


Bellyflies is a story about  a young boy named Billy who does not feel like himself.  His nerves are getting the best of him as he struggles to speak in front of his classmates.  His friend YumYum, his stuffed animal, shows him what he does when he has butterflies in his belly, bellyflies!  What develops is a beloved book that helps children discover good coping strategies that can benefit all ages in many situations.


I’m told that Bellyflies has been used during therapy for a few children, and parents have reported to me that Bellyflies has become one of their children’s favorite night time reads.


In my very popular book, Gonna Build A Boat, Billy’s stuffed animal YumYum the Alligator comes to life to encourage compassion, pride and endurance.  


Billy and YumYum set out to build a boat and on their journey they invite other children who might otherwise not be able to go on such a unique venture.  Through the story, children are encouraged to find the shining star that is in everyone, no matter their differences.  This book is dedicated to my father who always welcomed, included and encouraging everyone by letting them know the “I can’t” are just empty words.  That everyone has the ability to be who they are and shine in their own special way.,


Ask Me

Question: Why did you choose to write a children's book?

Answer:  I have always felt the need to touch children’s lives.  If I could hold every child in my arms and protect them and raise them with love, I would do it.

The books I write are for the children and the the adults in their lives.  Bringing all children together in love and laughter will raise the vibration of the world we are trying to create.

What writing these books has done for me is open my heart and bring me back to my own childhood.  I can identify with the characters and can understand the feelings that bubble up so innocently.

YumYum, the main character in my books, find ways to deal with anxiety himself and to show compassion, acceptance and encouragement to others.

Sometimes children live in a dark world so whatever can bring a glimmer of hope, has the potential to help their star glow!

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